NeilPryde National Youth Development Squad south session 1 at Itchenor SC

Five Mirror dinghies sailing to windward in a breeze

The weekend of 20th/21st October saw the first of the Mirror National Youth Development Squad sessions.  It was held at Itchenor Sailing Club, the squad has 9 boys and 9 girls.  There were 9 boats sailing, 3 all girl, 3 all boy and 3 mixed! 

As the wind was too light for sailing we had a classroom session on Saturday morning which also gave us a chance to get to know each other.  We then had a competition to see which helm and crew could rig their boat the fastest…the girls won, so the boys are determined to win next time! We went sailing after lunch.  We practiced our spinnaker skills and had a great time.

On Sunday morning there was a steady force 3/4, so we had a great day training on the water with both morning and afternoon sessions.  We finished the day with some fun races.  It was a great first weekend.

Thanks to our two fantastic coaches, Chris & Izzy and to all the parents who helped out.

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