NE Travellers Pennine SC 2 Oct 2010

When we got to the sailing club, the lake was like a mirror. There wasn’t a breath of wind in the air. But, by the time that everybody had their boats rigged and they were changed, a steady South Easterly wind had arrived.

The wind picked up to 18 knots in the first race which made for some very exiting racing especially on the small course that had been set! In the end Matt and Ben Lulham-Robinson took the win with Eddie Grayson and Matt Foster coming 2nd and Sarah and George Richards following in a close 3rd.

After a great lunch (bangers and mash followed by jelly and ice cream!) the wind had died down a lot to about 10 mph. The middle race ended with Sarah and George coming a well-deserved 1st. Matt and Ben had to work hard to maintain their 2nd position against Eddie and Matt who finished 3rd.


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Race 3 was the lightest race of the day with the largest course. Will Hide lead around the windward mark but was then overtaken. Ollie White banged the left corner up one of the beats and went from 6 position to 2nd.The end result of this race was Matt and Ben winning to finish off a successful day’s racing, Sarah and George finished 2nd with Eddie and Matt taking 3rd. The overall results of the day were: Matt and Ben Lulham-Robinson 1st, Sarah and George Richards 2nd and Eddie Grayson and Matt Foster 3rd.

Matt and Ben won the overall North East Travellers Series Trophy 2010.

By Matthew Lulham-Robinson


2011 Worlds Link


Mirror Worlds 2011

The 2011 Mirror World Championships to be held in Albany, Australia are only three months away. Check on news and progress for the events by clicking on the link to the Albany website on our homepage.


We wish all our competitors fun safety and success.

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September proved to be every bit as exciting as I predicted it would be in my last article.  We had fantastic racing, very close and well fought, right to the end.  And what a turnout of boats - 37 at Hollingworth for the final of the Nationwide Series.


Thank you to everyone who took part, made the events possible, and supported their family and friends.  Events like we saw in September 2010 take a massive commitment from a lot of people.  Even though we have many meetings on the calendar for October, most of the major events of the season have concluded.  I would like to record the thanks of the UK Mirror Class Association to everyone who has contributed to Mirror sailing during the year, and is continuing to do so.



Super September

Super September - The Month for Mirrors

As many classes prepare for the end of the sailing season hardy Mirror sailors look forward to a very exciting September.  This is the month when our boats are really put to the test as the winds pick up and the waves smack against hulls.  Traditionally we experience some wonderful weather during the month and this leads to outstanding sailing and racing. September is a vital month as competitions and selections come to a head.  We hope that as many as possible will take part and that we will see as many boats as possible on the water, with smiling faces and happy crews enjoying the many opportunities for sailing.


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