69238 - Blue Seal


Built from a Bell kit


  • Sailed in Itchenor SC Junior Fortnight


This boat was advertised for sale for £450, details were

  • Blue Seal Sail Number GBR 69238
  • Wooden hull, varnished and painted blue. In good condition, perfect for learning to sail in.
  • Gaff rig. 
  • One set of sails plus spinnaker. 
  • launching trolley
  • boom up cover.
  • Measured and measurement certificates issued by the RYA in 1998 & 2006
  • Has raced at Itchenor SC during Junior Fortnight and berthed at Club.

Available from 19 July 2014, Contact  Alison Glynne-Percy 07733 962208, Itchenor

She was sold by 19th July.


70556 - Aquius Lupins

Grey Mirror dinghy racing with blue & white spinnaker on a grey day


Built by Winder Boats in February, for Peter Sedgewick. Hull is dark grey with white interior. Fitted out to race specification.

  • Sailed in UK National Championships - 1st Junior
  • Sailed in European Championships
  • 1st  RYA South Zone Championships


Refurbished by Winder Boats, so any chips or knocks were fully repaired so hull is back in perfect condition. New ropes, no fraying, lime green on grey colour scheme.

This boat was advertised for sale for £4995, details were

  • dry stored, perfect condition. 
  • 1 set racing sails, only used for Nationals and Euros, achieved great results,  many open competitions won.
  • All blocks fully functional, lubricated and very smooth running.
  • Includes centre-main sheet jammer.
  • All controls (kicker, downhaul and outhaul) lead back to thwart for easy access.
  • Full set of training sails, still in good condition. Both spinnakers are the new cut, proven fast.
  • Road and Launch trolleys 
  • Undercover, trailing (flat) cover, and custom-made dark grey mast-up cover, in excellent condition.
  • Under thwart bag also included, for holding food / drink in regattas.
  • Winder Centreboard and Rudder in P&B padded case
  • with mast and boom in excellent condition.

Pictures available on request, can be fully rigged or packed up for collection. Any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  ,  01423 548548,  North East region

The boat was purchased and is now in Scotland.


Dark grey Mirror being sailed to windward singlehanded

  • Winner Scottish Championships sailed by Roy Donn

70606 - All The Right Reasons

Dark blue Mirror dinghy being sailed on a cold day


Built by Alistair Duffin, for Steve Wilkinson (Cornwall). Some hardwood parts were walnut  as a special order.


Painted and varnished by  PaintCraft, fitted out to race specification by Steve Wilkinson.

  • Sailed in UK National Championships
  • Sailed in European Championships
  • Sailed at Nationwide & Travellers

Scrolling slideshow help


  • Sailed in UK National Championships
  • Sailed at Natiowide & Travellers


This boat was advertised for sale


She was sold to the Rudd family from Looe in April

  • Sailed in UK National Championships


Club raced at Looe SC


This boat was advertised for sale for £3,250 O.N.O, details were

Beautiful boat built by Alistair Duffin and finished by Paintcraft. Launched in early 2010, the boat has been lightly used. A fantastic boat and gets much admired.

  • The boat features Harken / Ronstan fit out, with fly away pole system, centre main (split tail mainsheet)
  • Laminated foils
  • Under / over covers for travelling
  • Boom up cover for events
  • Spar bags
  • Trident combi road trailer and trolley with spare wheel.
  • Superspars mast with Seldén boom.
  • 2 suits of sails by North & Speed. One suit is a complete North set. The other suit is the original North main & jib bought with the boat and a Speed spinnaker.
  • The boat is fully measured with certificate.
  • Needs to be viewed to be full appreciated.

Photos from 2013 & 2014  Scrolling slideshow help

Contact  Tim Rudd, 01503 264967 or 07944 737038, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  , Looe, Cornwall.

She was sold in June to Paul Smalley from Mount's Bay SC

69211 - Little Bo


Wood kit built by Arnott Dobson for Rob Storrar


Repainted and revarnished


FItted with Bermuda rig.


This boat was advertised for £2250, details were

  • 2 very careful owners since new
  • In excellent condition. 
  • very lightly used P&B sails in excellent condition.
  • P&B fly-a-way spinnaker pole system.
  • Launching trolley to fit West Mersea base,
  • mast bag
  • top, trailing and under covers in vgc.

Contact 07843 382876  Yorkshire


This boat was sold in March 2012

70037 - Never too Old to Kick Ass / Sorcerer's Apprentice

White wooden Mirror dinghy going into a roll tack


Wooden boat built by Dave Gebhard of Trident-UK.

  • 1st European Champiopnships


  • Southern Travellers series - winner of best adult and child.


This boat was advertised for sale for £1950, details were

  • several suits of Trident mains and jibs
  • one brand new spinnaker
  • original Trident racing foils and standard spares

 Far and away the fastest boat in our club despite not being sailed well! Have moved up to a Wanderer.

Contact 07985 301984  South Coast

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