Rutland Watersports Mirror Chandelry

We have been having a clear out of our chandelry stock at rutland watersports and have found some mirror specific parts that we want to get rid of. we have no use or reason to have them anymore so would like them to go somewhere where they will be use full.

We have:
Mirror mast head crane (HA4184*1)  x2  £3 each
Mirror gooseneck (HA4314) x3 £3 each
Mirror mast kicker bracket (HA9216) x4 50p each
Mirror boom kicker bracket (HA4032) x10 50p each
Transom gudgeon (HA4020*1) x4 50p each
Boom outhall cleat (HA4296) x5 20p each
Self bailer (HA4155 and HA 4555B)  £7
Anthony Chapman
Rutland watersports

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