Gul NYDS South West Mirror Squad

Winter race training is now available for any mirror sailors in the South West who are interested in joining in the fun. John Burford from Fowey, will be the coach. He has an excellent reputation for developing youth sailing and anyone who takes part can expect to be a vastly improved sailor. The training is primarily aimed at those under 16 who want to improve but if you want to support your child by being their crew it should still be possible to take part. A number of the available places are already reserved but a few places remain.

The training will take place at 3 different venues across Cornwall. It will consist of 10 days sailing split into 5 weekend sessions. It will also be possible to take part in 2 additional weekends where combined training will be available to train and compete against different squads in the country. Further details on request.  The training in Restronguet will also include a final race on the Sunday in their Frost Bite series. It will be possible to continue to take part in this series until it ends just before Christmas 2014. Anyone interested in taking part in these races following the 2 weekends of training will be able to do so.

The South West Mirror squad is also supported by Gul who are offering sponsorship in the form of reduced price kit.

Dates and Venues (some TBC)




01.11.14 - 02.11.04

Restronguet Sailing Club

10am, Saturday / Sunday

29.11.14 - 30.11.14

Restronguet Sailing Club

10am, Saturday / Sunday

24.01.15 - 25.01.15

Mounts Bay Sailing Club

10am, Saturday / Sunday

07.02.15 - 08.02.15

Mounts Bay Sailing Club

10am, Saturday / Sunday

07.03.15 - 08.03.15

Looe Sailing Club 

10am, Saturday / Sunday

Additional dates for the diary include:

Combined Squads including National Junior Squad, Carsington, Derbyshire, 14 - 15th March 2015

Combined South and South West Squad training Poole, Dorset, 6th - 7th April 2015


Cost for the training is £200 per boat (£20/day, or £10 per sailor/day). The cost will cover the Coach fees, safety rib costs fuel etc, prizes, any boat parking and launching fees. Payment will need to be made in advance. (please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details about booking /paying for a place).


Aiden and Heather have volunteered to bring basic supplies (tea and coffee). At the first session it is hoped that parents can discuss different ways that they can support the sessions with cakes etc.


We have the usual forms to complete, medical, permissions etc. The forms will be provided at time of booking a place

Timing and attendance

Please let us know in advance if you cannot make a week, so that we can stick to times rather than we hang on thinking you are stuck in traffic. Stating the obvious, the brief and de-brief essential parts of the day. If parents want a chance to get out, please bring your kit.

If you have any other club members that want to come and see what's done, maybe get time in a RIB, then please let us know and we can take them on the water through the weeks.