Super Crew Cup

A silver cup with one handle

The Super Crew Cup is awarded to the youngest crew to complete all races at the National Championships. It was presented by John Golding, the Class Secretary, in 1993.

Here are some photographs of past winners


Year Held by Note
2019 Gabriel Nichols No photo
2018 Gabriel Nicholls  
2017 Shiloh Woodroffe-Vass  
2016 Alex Balding  
2015 Brendan May  
2014 Douglas Simpson  
2013 Katy Jenkins According to the 2013 list.
2012 Helena Watkins  
2011 Helena Watkins  
2010 Tom Scott  
2007 Claire Peterson  
2006 Joanna Kalderon  
2005 Jack Arnell  
2004 Ben Cisneros  
2003 Ben Cisneros  
2002 Luke McGill  
2001 Mitchell Bond  
2000 Luke McGill  
1999 Luke McGill  
1998 Ben Wilkins  
1997 Ben Wilkins  
1996 Judi Gebhard  
1995 Peter Gray  
1994 Hanna C. Bloor  
1993 James Wilkins  

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