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City Of Plymouth Trophy

A silver cup with a fluted bottom, two handles and a black plastic base with silver band

The City Of Plymouth Trophy is awarded to the winners of race 5 at the National Championships.

Here are some photographs of past winners

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Year Held by Note
2017 Dave & Imogen Wade The base is with Martin Egan
2016 Bertie Fisher & Felix Kent  
2015 Eleanor Keers & Izzy Pugh  
2014 Rachel Grayson & Gemma Francis Burnett  
2013 Angus & Fraser Hemmings According to the 2013 list.
2012 Milly Pugh Not amoung the trophies returned & photographed at Itchenor SC
2009 Ross Kerney & Katy Jones  
2008 Ross Kerney & Katy Jones  
2007 Ross Kerney & Katy Jones  
2005 John & Megan Brickwood  
2004 Juliet & Richard Long  
2003 Dan & James Ellis  
2002 Dan & James Ellis  
1997 J.D. & J.P. Gebhard  
1996 Dave Gebhard  
1994 Steve  Nicholson & Graham Vials  
1993 Clive & Philip Goodwin  
1992 J.D. & J.J. Gebhard  
1991 Mark Chadwick  
1990 D & C Warren  
1989 Guy & Teresa Wilkins  
1988 Ian Walker  
1987 Ian Walker  
1986 Howard Tear  
1985 Dave Sherwin & Chris Stubbs Trophy base has  G Castle engraved on it for 1985
1984 Mark Sherwin  
1983 Graham Castle  
1982 Dave Roe  
1981 Roy Partridge  
1980 Dave Sherwin  
1979 Dave Derby  
1978 Harry Prangnell  
1976 Roy Partridge  
1975 Peter Barnes  
1974 Peter Barnes  
1973 B Webber  
1972 Roy Partridge  
1971 Roy Partridge  
1970 John Taylor  
1963 - 1969   These dates are engraved on the base, but no names.


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