Cassandra's Cauldon

A silver pot, wider in the middle than at the base or the rim, with a handle and a lid

Cassandra's Cauldon is awarded to the winners of race 2 at the National Championships.

It went missing between 2002 and 2018

  • It's recorded as not returned by Josh Gebhard in the trophy lists from the 2003 & 2004 Nationals. Jackie Gebhard tells me she does not have it.
  • It's not mentioned on the trophy list from the 2005 Nationals
  • Steve Wilkinson records it as missing in 2011,
  • It was not photographed with all the other tophies in 2012
  • It was not awarded in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017
  • It was returned by Dave Shilling (who works for Trident-UK) in 2018. Dave told me some un-named person had found it in their loft while moving house. Odd that.

Here are some photographs of past winners


Year Held by Note
2021 Alan & Emily Krailing  
2019 Chris & Daisy Fuller  
2018 Chris & Daisy Fuller  
2003 - 2017   Not returned, so not awarded
2002 Josh Gebhard According to the 2002 list.
2001 Alex Kaiser & Jack Vaughan, IRL  
1988 Ian Walker & Fergus Ross  

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