National Westminster Trophy

I don't know what this looks like

The National Westminster Trophy is awarded to the winners of race 6 at the National Championships.

We think the photo above, from the 2008 Nationals, is of the National Westminster Trophy. We've good photos, mainly from 2012, of the MCA Nationals trophies, apart from Cassandra's Cauldron, National Westminster & Lucas Trophy and this trophy is not among those, so it's got to be one of the missing 3. Emma was not old enough to have qualified for the Lucas Trophy, so it's not that one. Matt Grayson remembers seeing it at some point, so that means it had to be in circulation while he was active in the class, and National Westminster was, at 2011 Nationals.

This trophy appears to be missing at the moment.

  1. It was awarded to Ed & Beth Grey in 2011 according to the 2011 list.
  2. Colette Grey tells me all the trophies they had were returned.
  3. It was not among the trophies photographed prior to the Prizegiving at the 2012 National Championship at Itchenor.
  4. We have a list of trophy winners from 2012 which states that it was awarded to Milly & Nick Pugh. However, we know it was not photographed prior to the prizegiving. We have a photograph from the prizegiving of Nick Pugh with the Fox & Hounds Marine Trophy (which is not on the list), so it seems the list is not 100% accurate. Maybe the Fox & Hounds Marine Trophy (an Inlands trophy) was awarded instead of the National Westminster Trophy. The Pughs have checked and do not have this trophy.

Here are some photographs of past winners

There are no images in the gallery.


Year Held by Note
2017-2013   Not returned, so not awarded
2012   Not among the trophies photographed prior to the prizegiving, so maybe not returned (see above)
2011 Ed & Beth Grey According to the 2011 list
2008 Emma & Martina Barry Probably awarded for winning race 2 because  Cassandra's Cauldron was missing.
1988 Danny O’Grady & Caeron Scott (IRL) National Open Winner

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