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Techno Sunley Trophy

I don't know what this looks like

The Techno Sunley Trophy is awarded to the winner of race 2 at the National Inland Championships.

The deduction that the picture is correct is based on the following. In 2000 Dave & Jake Gebhard won races 2 & 3 and won overall. So they should have been presented with the George Over Trophy , the Techno Sunley Trophy & the Fox & Hounds Marine Trophy. I think the MCA Trophy Sharing policy would mean the over 39 trophy would not go the the overall winners. Tim & Peter Gray won race 4, but have 3 trophies, the Apple Trophy, the other two must be the Peter Drysdale (for race 4) & the Sailing The Mirror trophy (over 39).

We have a good photo of the Fox and Hounds and Jake is holding that in his left hand. We also know what the George Over Trophy looks like from 2002 and Jake is holding that in his left hand as well. So the other trophy that Jake has in his right hand must be Techno Sunley Trophy.

This trophy appears to be missing at the moment.

Here are some photographs of past winners

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Year Held by Note
2000 David & Jake Gebhard  


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