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Have you seen these trophies ?

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Have you seen any of the above Trophies ? The following list of National Championship Trophies are missing (i.e. they were not awarded in 2016 and efforts to track them down have failed so far).

If you have any information regarding their whereabouts, please contact the Trophy Secretary, Matt Grayson.

Crews Trophy 1st  Overall Crew
Cassandra's Cauldron Winners Race 2
National Westminster Winners Race 6
Lucas Trophy Leading helm over 39
Jan Grieg-Gran Plate for Silver fleet Winners Silver Fleet


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    • Hi Mike, thanks for the head up. I've e-mailed details of the error to SailScore administration, so hopefully they can fix it for us.
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    • Hi, Mike Bishop here trying to pay my subs butgettingerror msg all the time.
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    • Andrew Blakey has a friend in Sóller in Mallorca who is in need of a serviceable jib at a resonable price to go on his vintage Mirror. Please contact Andrew via if you have an old jib for sale.

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