Loch Tummel - Sail With Your Kids - March 2010

From 'Team Tummel Times', March 2010

Sail With Your Kids (by Dave Sword, Loch Tummel SC)

It looks like this year will see a re-birth of the Mirror fleet, as an in-creasing number of parents take the ‘Fastest crew under 4 feet’ option. So get out to the shed / garage / garden and blow the dust and cobwebs off that old Mirror so you can join the fun.

With entries from the Harper, Scott, Holliday, and Ferguson families (plus a few who have yet to declare their hand), this is looking like the fleet with all the exciting class racing in the coming season!

Sailing with your offspring is maddening , demanding, awful, and a threat to your health. When it works, it’s encouraging for your kids, great fun for you, and probably one of the more rewarding things that you can do in a boat! Just look at how much Iain Calder has learned from sailing with Jamie!

Also, they can’t escape, so you get the chance to talk to them for an hour at a time without interruption! Iain says sailing with your parent is great, and would be even better if your parent was cool!

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