Mirror Training at Annandale SC

 ASC have acquired three training Mirrors, which were repaired and equipped with new Bermudan rigs to make them more efficient and user friendly.

The boats were used in the August Training Week, and proved very popular with the young sailors. They have been sailed / raced a few times since. A little maintenance is now needed on two of the boats. I hope to carry this out in the next few weeks.

A session was arranged on setting up / rig tuning, but due to my inadequate publicity this only benefited a couple of people. I have Mirror training DVDs which can be borrowed by members, and up to date Mirror books and tuning guides have also been made available. Advice has been given to individuals on various aspects of sailing and boat set-up. There is a serious need to improve communications, and I intend to use the notice boards and a Mirror circulation list to inform and encourage Mirror sailors. Moves are afoot to regenerate the Class in Scotland, and The Mirror Class Association is keen to assist. I hope that interested Mirror owners will join their class association.

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