Lifejackets V Buoyancy Aids

MOST R.Y.A. Instructors and Coaches stipulate the wearing of “lifejackets” when sailing, as opposed to “buoyancy aids.” Their reasons are perfectly sound and I would follow their advice but for the price - a life jacket - there are only two, the “Ottersports” and the “Beaufort,” are over twice the price of a buoyancy aid!

Discussing this with a local youth worker, I discovered that Ottersports Limited supply their jackets to members of the British Canoe Union at a very substantially reduced price — almost half, in fact!

Regarding the Mirror Cruising thing in Reflections - I had a letter from Peter Maltby of the Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland. boating Group (Fleet 159) just yesterday. apparently they operate in just the way that was suggested in Reflections and 55% of their Members have Mirrors.

Anthony Sterckx
M29969, Hereford

Editor's note - This article is from Reflections No. 11 Autumn 1973, page 13 and has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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