New Buoyancy Test

A FRIEND of mine recently told me of an interesting experience he had with his Mirror whilst ‘doing an Open.’

About five minutes before the ten minute gun was due, a rather officious character appeared, inspecting buoyancy Certificates. Not having performed the annual ritual, my friend was somewhat alarmed, and feared that he would not be allowed to start.

So, imagine his surprise when the Measurer offered to do the job immediately. and with a swift turn of hand, produced (from his back pocket) a foot pump complete with long length of pipe and a greased bung A dozen strokes later had the foredeck bulging and after a rather  pregnant pause of twenty seconds or so, the hung was removed — accompanied by a resplendent rush of compressed air. Same for the other tanks, and the said Certificate was duly signed.

Now what I want to know is why should he get away so lightly? With eighty boats to test every year, I can spend days messing about int ‘oggin. Even so, I do feel that now we have the new measures for buoyancy testing, the immersion method is literally foolproof. Is this newer method allowed? or is it all so much hot air? I should like some figures such as pressure
to be used, and the time interval during a test.

Would welcome your comments and any ideas on avoiding the annual baptising ceremony.

Paul Farren, Measurer
South Caernarvonshire Y.C.

Editor's note - This article is from Reflections No. 11 Autumn 1973, page 13 and has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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