Sailing in New Zealand

I WAS interested to read Donald Forbes  account of sailing in Pembrokeshire (I recently arrived over here!) T’aint’ like that here, no castles and little or nothing of historic interest. 100 years is really old!

We too mapped our lake Rotoiti a Ia Arthur Ransome, and we had troubles from plenty of “Hullahalloos” (Coot Club) in  their speeding Fizzers — a name used by my boys. We found that we could often hear the Fizzers (power boats) before we aw them, due to the vibration transmitted through the hull of our boat. The first time this occurred, I wondered what on earth was happening, hearing a fizzing noise coming from under our feet! This especially in a region liable to intense thermal activity. I expect you may well have experienced that phenomenon too.

The N.Z. Yachting Federation is currently complaining about the number of dilTerent ( lasses, and is trying to ralionalise the situation which might put the damper on the enthusiasm for the Mirror. We are still the only one here and race against the ‘P Class.

From my office window I can look up the valley, across Wellington harbour, and see snow on the mountains in the distance . . .

Ted Prangnell, M33021
Wellington, New Zealand.

Editor's note - This article is from Reflections No. 11 Autumn 1973, page 13 and has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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