68??? - a Bell/Ferranti with 'Bell' branding

A white GRP Mirror dinghy with 'Bell' branding on the side sailing on a dull spring day


GRP hull built by Bell/Ferranti . The original sail number of this boat, and thus the exact age is unknown. The Bell 'branding' on the side is unusual.


A page from a Mirror publicity brochue featuring a GRP Mirror dinghy

A boat with identical branding appears on page 3 of this Bell Mirror publicity leaflet, thought to date to 1993. It could well be the same boat (hard to imagine why Bell would go to the expense of putting this branding on more than one boat)


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At this point she was owned by the Rudd family from Looe SC and these photos were taking at a training event at Restronguet SC.

2015 ?

 This boat suffered catastrophic failure of the port topside showing how weak this design/construction is. It's not know what happened to the boat after this.

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