Scottish Round-Up - Winter 1988

The last couple of months have seen some close racing, and interesting events, in the Scottish Area.

Congratulations to father and son team, David and Andrew Gibb, from Chanonry S.C. for winning the Mirror Class at Findhorn Week in July, and also winning the “four seasons” trophy for being best of the class winners of the week. On August 20/21, Helensburgh S.C. commemorated the birth of local hero John Logie Baird, inventor of T.V., by putting on a super open event, generously sponsored by Grundig — thanks to them for providing truly magnificent prizes.

Unfortunately, my class win in the Mirrors came at the expense of falling foul of the 5th commandment of racing — “it is sometimes better to give way even if you are right!”

The first race started in a NW4 which increased steadily as the race progressed and the Race Officer, faced with rescue boat problems, as well as worsening conditions, wisely decided to shorten course.

As we approached the finishing line on starboard tack, we were hit amidships by an International 10m2 sailing canoe, which had tried to give way to us but failed, The bow of the canoe cut clean through Sylvestor’s port gunwale, caused a 4’ split along the join of the side of the boat and the buoyancy tank, ruptured the tank near the shrouds, and split the gunwale for about 2’ back from the point of impact. Luckily, neither Fiona nor I were hurt and were able to sail back to shore — after getting our priorities right and limping across the line just ahead of Emma Richards and Jane Ross in Jet Lag, and James Miller and Gordon Greer in Small Fry. The second race was abandoned, luckily for us, so as we could make emergency repairs with a roll of caipet tape!

The wind had moderated slightly by Sunday morning,just as well for us because we couldn’t sit out on port tack! Much worse was the fact that we couldn’t fly the spinnaker on port(!) In the morning race, Emma and Jane’s gaff halyard broke which let Douglas and Jill Stirling in Snoopy through to take second place behind Sylvester. After lunch, hurriedly consumed atop a rapidly disappearing sandbank, the final race was won narrowly by Sylvester from Jet Lag and Small Fry.

Overall — 1st Sylvestor, 2nd Jet Lag, 3rd Snoopy.

Two weeks later it was the CCC’s turn to lay on some testing conditions for their Open —83 boats in all turned up, including 8 Mirrors. due to the conditions, not all of these ventured Out, but those who did enjoyed some lively sailing! The first race was won by Sylvester from Jet Lag and the Banks brothers in Pegasus. In the 2nd race many boats defied the law of gravity to remain upright on the reaches, only to flattened on the beats by ferocious squalls. One of these who succumbed thus was Sylvester, and the race was won by Jet Lag, with Pegasus finishing third.

Sunday morning brought only a very slight moderation in the wind, but most people, fortified by the splendid buffet laid on the previous evening, went out to do battle. Both races were won by Sylvester, with Jeg Lag and Pegasus gaining a second place each.

Overall — 1st Sylvester, 2nd Jeg Lag, 3rd Pegasus.

The Scottish Junior event was held at Linlithgar Loch S.C. at the beginning of October and was won by Emma and Jane by the narrowest of margins from Richard & Martin Banks. Conditions on Saturday were very strong, but moderated on Sunday to be rather fluky. There was close racing on both days, Emma and Jane taking the title on countback — they and the Banks’s will be the Scottish representatives in the Eric Twiname Event later in October.

Mary Bates, M 67068

Editors Note: This article is from Reflections No. 79 Winter 1988, page 8. It has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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