Rudyard Lake S.C. Mirror Open Meeting 1988

Rudyard Lake S.C. held their annual Mirror Open meeting on Sunday, 16th October. This was the last meeting of the 1988 North West Counties Travellers Trophy and Northern Mirrormen enjoyed bright weather conditions and a variable southerly wind.

Race One saw John McKeand (Wigan S.C.) and John Lewis (Winsford S.C.) round the windward mark together, followed by Luke Tumbull (Wigan) and Richard Badman ((Blackpool & Fleetwood Y.C.).

By the end of the first reach Luke Turnbull had found the front, followed by John Lewis. At the gun, Luke Turnbull was first, John Lewis second and Roy Platford (Wigan S.C.) third.

Luke Tumbull led from start to finish in Race Two with John Lewis and Roy Platford again second and third respectively.

Race Three was the closest of the day, with John McKeand, John Lewis, Roy Platford and Richard Badman all sharing the lead. After the course was shortened, in a dying wind John Lewis was first, John McKeand second and Richard Badman third.

Best overall results were:
1st Luke Turnbull & Gillian Toman (Wigan S.C.)
2nd John Lewis and Celie Brookes (Winsford Flash S.C.)
3rd Roy Platford & John Deane (Wigan S.C.)
4th John McKeand & Michael Harcourt (Wigan S.C.)
5th Richard & John Badman (Blackpool & Fleetwood Y.C.)
6th Mike Preston & Craig Allwood (Blackpool & Fleetwood Y.C.) 

Editors Note: This article is from Reflections No. 79 Winter 1988, page 12. It has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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