Mike Devonshire Trophy

A wooden picture frame with a 3D model of a red Mirror dinghy in it

 The back of a picture frame with an engraved brass plaque

The Mike Devonshire Trophy is a relief model of Mirror dinghy 1074 'Jayem' in a frame. This Mirror was owned by a Mike Devonshire of Tunbridge Wells who had the model made. Mike was a trustee of Bough Beech SC in Kent. It was kindly donated in 2020 by Stewart Robertson, a few years after Mike had passed away.

It is awarded to the 2nd place Helm & Crew U15 other than 2nd overall, or the U19 2nd overall, at the National Championships.

Here are some photographs of past winners


Year Held by Note
2022 Torrunn Brown & Murray Oakes  
2021 Poppy Luxton & Lottie Tregaskes  

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