RYA NJS at Draycote Water 18th & 19th February 2011

We arrived at Draycote in pouring rain.  It was cold and there was not much wind, but it was good to see everyone and get back into sailing again.

Rosie and Midge Watkins, Kim May Papailiou and Amie Sparks, Millie and Nick Pugh and Helena Pugh and Libby Courage all travelled from Poole Yacht Club. Tom Cosier and Niamh arrived from Restronget in Cornwall.  Malie and Drystan Harnett from Whitstable and Reg and Emma Grayson from Beaver SC and ourselves Matt and Ben Lulham-Robinson from Yorkshire.

As we got changed the representatives from Cornish and Yorkshire boys teams decided to swap accents with each other.  I now know how to say tractor in Cornish!

Sailing started with a ‘Power Hour of tacking and gybing on the whistle and spinni hoists and drops which warmed us up.  Kim managed to capsize by over rolling on the tack.

We then moved on to the focus of our weekend with starting exercises. It was good to get into the groove again.  Rosie and Millie had some really good starts which pushed us all to improve.

As we were sharing the water with the University Team Racing Championships, we sat outside to eat our lunch and watch the racing in the freezing cold!

After lunch we put the morning exercises into practise with lots of mini races. It was really good fun.

As the boys were getting changed at the end of the day the girls discovered door which lead directly into the Men’s changing room which resulted in them opening it at the most inappropriate moment!

Lots of us went out to eat together on Saturday evening and Matt triumphed in eating an entire enormous “rocky road” sundae….Ben had to let the girls help him out!

Sunday morning was less wet but not much warmer. We went for a jog followed by some challenging circuit training.

On the water, we did some tacking and gybing on the whistle to warm up followed by more mini races. This time the 1st boat round each windward mark had to do a 720 turn and the 2nd boat a 360 turn. This kept the racing close and everyone motivated.

After lunch, which we ate inside in the warm , we had a 3 race series with no discard to determine who would write the weekend report for the MCA website. Helena capsized trying to do a 720 as fast as possible as she was in the lead. It didn’t quite go to plan!

Unfortunately we won with a 1st ,3rd and 1st!

Rosie came 2nd with 4th,1st.

Tom was 3rd with 3rd,2nd and 5th.

Overall it was a really good weekend as we have improved our starting, roll tacking and light weather tacking a lot as well as having a great time seeing everyone.

By Matt and Ben Lulham-Robinson

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