Beaver Winter Series race 3

Beaver Winter Series Day 3



We arrived at Beaver Sailing Club to find that it was a perfect sailing day. It was an open training event; however, it was also the 3rd day of the Winter Series as there had been no wind the previous Saturday. The RYA North Zone Squad were also getting ready for the Eric Twinname Championships the following weekend.





The sun was out and there was a strong breeze. After rigging our boat and eating a bacon sandwich we went out for the first race. We managed to take advantage of a heavily port biased start line that had been made so by a late wind shift and lead the race to the end. Emma and Rachel “Reg” Grayson remained in second place for the whole race. Eddie Grayson and William Orme came 3rd. After a well-earned rest for lunch to allow our arms to return to their normal length we went out again!

The second race was the windiest of the day with gusts of over 25 knots at times. The conditions were very challenging at times but we won this race as well. There were many capsizes in this race and we are grateful for the safety cover which was provided! Sarah Richards and Eddie Rice-Birchall came second after recovering from technical difficulties in the first race. Emma and Rachel Grayson came 3rd.

The wind died down only slightly for the last race of the day which we won after a less than impressive start. The course had been the same all day thanks to a relatively steady wind. Sarah Richards and Eddie Rice-Birchall came second with Emma and Reg close behind.

It was a really good day and a brilliant way to end a series which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I would like to thank Matt Grayson for his part in organising the event, everyone in the galley for providing everyone with well needed food, Beaver Sailing Club for hosting the event and everybody for coming. A special mention is needed for Boat Bits who provided everyone with some great prizes

Matt Lulham-Robinson

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