Beaver SC Mirror Open - 15th October


What more could you ask for? Lovely wind and sunshine at Beaver Sailing Club this weekend for the last of the Northern Travellers 2011. The turnout for Beaver this weekend was great with 13 boats; 7 single handers and 6 double handers.

The first race, we had moderate wind conditions, perfect for anyone and Rachel Grayson was first around the windward mark closely followed by Emma Grayson and then Will Hide with Emma Clayton. During the race there were battles being fought throughout the fleet. Positions changed quite a bit, however,  Rachel stuck out in the front letting nobody past, taking the first race, with Emma second and Will third. David and Oscar from Sunderland Yacht Club came a creditable 6th.

The second race saw a little more wind which aided the double handers. However, Emma first around the windward mark kept her lead all round the course. She was closely followed by Olly White, who pulled out all the stops in this race going from 4th to 2nd. The dark horse of this race, Rob Dean, third around the windward mark lost one place to come in fourth behind Will and Emma. Mark Ellwood had a great race and posted a tenth which had him grinning from ear to ear. Martin Rumsby with his new Bermudan rig posted a seventh two places better than the first race.

The third race had the same kind of wind conditions and a much closer race between all the boats. Windward mark positions were Emma first around the mark, Martin Rumsby, who went from 9th to 7th  to 5th in the three races, second and then Will and Emma third. Throughout the race Rachel and Olly had a tussle fighting for third and fourth whilst Emma was ahead with Will closely following. The end of the race saw Emma take first, Will and Emma second and then Rachel third. The overall results were: Emma in first; Rachel in second; and Will and Emma third.

It was lovely to see the whole Burnett family out there, and a great support from our club: Mark Ellwood, Martin Rumsby, Andy Burnett, Richard Rennie, Annabelle and Will Orme, Olly White, Kay and Merrin, Rob Dean and Tom Dean with his crew Dominic Daniel. Also it was great to see someone all the way from Sunderland Yacht Club, so thank you to David and Oscar Shilling. A fantastic way to finish the Northern Travellers Series. Many thanks to Dad who organised the Travellers and ROD’ed the Beaver Open.

Report by Emma Grayson

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