RYA South Zone Squad at Weymouth 6th November 2011

The RYA South Zone squad 2011-12 got together this weekend at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Acadamy (WPNSA) for the first time at their land day.

Sailors a little quiet at first but ice breaking human bingo seemed to work a treat. Now they know all about the “controllables” including the benefits of good posture, thoroughly checking rigging before going on the water, physical fitness and proper hydration. Downside – no more bacon sandwiches before going on the water, no more chocolate on the water and .... sailors are expected to rig their own boats. As we left Celia and Paddy were trying to work out how they could copy the example of the Greek junior squads which we were told sail five times a week!! A great start to what I am sure will be a fun winter.

Write up by Peter Hansell

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