North Zone Squad at West Lancs


The Mirror North Zone Squad arrived on Saturday at West Lancs YC in Southport, to be greeted with strong gusty winds coming off the sea. Th aim of the weekend was to focus on upwind sailing looking at tactics and strategy.

Having to spend the morning inside because it was too windy to go sailing, we did theory work and Dave our coach handed out prizes for the Christmas quiz we has done during the holidays. 

After lunch Dave asked Ollie & James to go out sailing and test the conditions, it was still very windy but Dave said ‘you can go sailing if you would like to’, unfortunately the wind increase again and nobody was able to go sailing.  So it was decide we would have an early lunch, and review the situation again after lunch.  After lunch it looked sailable so we went out sailing and practiced buddy beats and then we played a game call river bank, which is designed to improve our communication in the boat.

After sailing has finished we stayed in the club and played on the Wii and some of the Mum’s cooked pizza for our supper.  On Sunday the wind strength had reduced and we practised the exercise of tacking on the whistle.  In the afternoon we did a ‘v’ course exercise and then went onto do our Sunday afternoon races.  Four races and one crews race were sailed, overall Chloe & Izzy came 1st, 2nd Reg & George, 3rd Ollie & James.  After much noisy communication on the race course, the crew race was won by Izzy & Chloe with George and Reg coming in 2nd.   Thanks Dave for awarding us all with Mars bars, and also all the other coaches for a great weekend of training.  And a big thank you to West Lancs YC for hosting the event.

Written by George Richards