North Zone Squad at Beaver

The North Mirror Zone Squad had a very windy weekend at Beaver sailing club, with two fantastic sessions on Saturday morning and lots of capsizing!

Unfortunately the heavy wind meant that we couldn’t sail that afternoon or all of Sunday, but we still had a great theory session instead, working on our rules-mainly 10-23. That evening we had Fish and chips and games in the clubhouse thanks to the Grayson family and Beaver club.

On Sunday Adam taught us never to be late with a serious fitness class! After, we watched ‘Speed,’ a great video by Adam Bowers, learning about disco dancing tell tales. We then had a competition on who could tie the fastest bowline, with the winner doing one in less than 2 seconds! Later we rated each other’s boats, finding lots of new things to buy. Next we had a session on understanding weather charts and sea breezes- a great geography lesson from Dave.

Then after lunch we had a quiz in place of the usual Sunday afternoon racing, adding these scores to the overall race results of all six weekends.

Overall it was a really good weekend, thanks to the coaches and Beaver Sailing Club!

Report by Hettie Stevens