North Zone Squad at Pwllheli


The final weekend of the North Zone Squad 2011-2012 (Oh No!) But what a brilliant few months it has been. Been plenty of banter, capsizes and one or two hole in peoples boats. The Saturday contained Ollie and Gabes birthday and the Sunday had goodbyes.
So Pwllheli was terrible wind wise but the sun was shining and almost everyone was out of the drysuits and into wetsuits/boardies etc. So anyway, we started off talking about tides in the Portacabin and we grasped an idea about ways to counteract the tide. After we got changed, rigged and straight into the sea. We were out on the water for an hour and half. We headed to a part just out of the bay and started measuring the tide using oranges and other assorted items. After determining its direction and strength and countless times where mine and Tom's orange kept being run over by Ollie and James, we started with an activity of 'Rabbit Run'. After that we headed out to the large red buoy and measured the tide with our objects to see the difference when further out. After this we went back for lunch. After lunch we headed into the portacabin again and as the wind was lacking we discussed waves and "S'ing". Soon the wind had gotten better than it was but still not great. We decided to get out on the water for at least another hour but after spending 15 minutes trudging the boats out into deep enough water to launch and running the trailers back to shore. We had not even got fully out of the bay when we decided to take the boats back as the tide was getting lower by the second and it would have taken us too long to get back.
After getting back on shore and being greeted by some lovely sights in the forms of some of the 420 and 29'er sailors, although i wont go into that too much ;), we de-rigged the boats, got changed and headed to the portacabin for a little bit of revision on the "Stuff" ( Technical Term) from the last few weekends. Then we headed down to the beach for a barbecue. some fun games of rugby and other such games ended in people hurting their feet on stones, sticks and spikey things. A lovely dinner cooked and prepared by the parents consisting of burgers, hot dogs and plenty of salad. Jamie, George and, James and Ollies smaller brother, Tom (Not to be confused with Howarth hehe) Had found a large sand dune and built loads of small tunnels and Helter Skelter'Esque Slides in the sand for them to roll marbles down, which was quite impressive and certainly was a lot of fun messing around with. Then 'Somebody' (Not naming names) decided to smash it all up, very bright. Then we all got called over for the cake cutting as it was Ollie And Gabe's Birthday. A very fun evening indeed.
We turned up to the club with less than no wind and had fitness... No suicide runs this time round but because it was on the sand running was twice as hard. We had a challenge of passing a ball around the circle before a certain person got round the circle, Kind of like Duck Duck Goose.
After that we went to the Portacabin again and watched some videos of us the following day and at Carsington. After this we checked the wind and whether we could go out again but there was no chance. We went out on the safety boats and axplored the surrounding bays and went as far as Abersoch where we helped some RC Sailing Boat'ers In Distress. Then we anchored down and had our lunch on the safety boats which was great. Some excellent banter on that journey.
On the water, we discussed more wind, Waves and tide and it was brilliant to be able to tell the way tide was going by stopping and watching how we drift. After we got back we had a few more videos then a review of the last few weekends which Dave had put together. Next we had the thank you's and the prizes for the performance. More cake left over from Saturday night was given out and some thank you's and heartfelt goodbyes It was time to go on the long journey back to England.
A massive thanks to everyone at Pwllheli Sailing Club, Everyones parents and last but certainly not least... Dave and Adam.
Definitely a Great Couple of Weekends :D
Written By Jimmy Butt