RYA National Junior Squad at Northampton 24th & 25th November

White GRP Mirror dinghy on a close reach with helm and crew hiking hard

The National Squad arrived in Northampton on Saturday 24th November for training focused on boat set up and handling. Saturday was damp and while the parents made themselves comfortable in the warm club, Catherine and Alex drilled us with the whistle.

Back in shore we quickly covered our boats, changed and headed off for the climbing centre organised by Miles O'Dell, Chris Bowen, Dawn and a mention to Harry turner who gave up his time to help.that amazing here Saturday sorry im rubbish at english-

We woke up bright and early on Sunday morning. It was a beautiful day but very cold yet luckily there was an endless supply of hot chocolate at the galley! Feeling rather nevus because of the wind launched and began our intense training! By the end we managed to get to grips with our gybes and there weren't many capzies!

Thanks to Chris Bowen for taking, and letting us use, the photos.

After lunch we sailed 3 races with heated competion! Luckily the wind died off and the races were very enjoyable. We then came in and packed up our boats quickly as we knew flapjacks, apple pie and hot chocolate were waiting for us in the galley! THANK-YOU ALEX AND CATHERINE AND NORTHAMPTON FOR AN AMAZING WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!