History - brochures

A page of a 1960s publicity brochure for the Mirror dinghy, this page features a Mirror on top of a Mini car

This page lists and provides links to Mirror dinghy publicity brochures produced over the years

  1. 2016JL4415.jpg (4.6Mb) - top half of outside
  2. 2016JL4414.jpg (4.6Mb) - bottom half of outside
  3. 2016JL4416.jpg (5.2Mb) - whole of inside
  4. 2016JL4417.jpg (12.8Mb) - front page (i.e. part of 1.)
  5. 2016JL4418.jpg (10.6Mb) - outside page featuring Mirror on a Mini (i.e. part of 1.)

The date of introduction of the brochure is unknown. Given the sail numbers of boats which feature, it must be 1964 or later. Some of the photos are by Eileen Ramsay. It was still in use around 1968 - 1969 when my dad brought us our first Mirror.

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