Link to SailScore MCA membership system now working

The link to the MCA membership system using SailScore, is now working again.

Just a reminder, anyone sailing in the Nationals (helm or crew) needs to be a MCA member. If you have family membership, please check that you have recorded the names of your children who will be sailing as part of your family membership. SailScore ties together helm and crew names on your Nationals entry with the membership records.

Membership 2016

A screen shot of the SailScore MCA shop with 2016 memberships

Mirror Class Association memberships for 2016 are now due and can now be purchased online using SailScore.

Members who purchased a 2015 membership will be offered an option to 'renew' their 2015 membership (which they will find in the list of "Already Brought" items), so avoiding having to enter all their details again.

Any problems with SailScore should be reported to the Membership Secretary John Thornley.

The UK Mirror Class Association (MCA) is largely funded by subscriptions from members.

Membership is important:

  • Membership means you are eligible to enter for the Nationals, the Nationwide and Travellers events organised by the MCA.
  • In order to support your Mirror campaigns the MCA organises Open Training that as a member, you can apply for.
  • Membership gives you an opportunity to help keep the Mirrors prominence, which you can put into action by voting on class matters at the AGM.
  • An up to date membership means, you will receive an occasional electronic newsletter, keeping you at the forefront of what is happening in the Mirror Class.
  • In the UK, the  Mirror Dinghy measurement certificates are only valid if the owner is a member of the MCA.

For this season you can pay your MCA membership online using a membership system from SailScore.

Membership classes are:

  • Family Membership - £40

for a family owning an International Mirror Dinghy, includes children under the age of 19 years.

  • Individual Membership - £30

for an individual who is an owner, or joint owner, of an International Mirror Class Dinghy.

  • Crew Membership - £20

for an individual who is not an owner, or family member, but wants to crew at Association events

  • Associate Membership - £30

for an individual who is not an owner, but is interested in the Mirror Class, for example a Coach.

Subscriptions are due on 1st January and last for one year. Members joining in October, November and December of a year get free membership until 31st December of that year, and then one years membership.

If you have been a member in the past and require your details to be deleted from our database please let the Membership Secretary know.

Thank you.

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