Advice from Martin Egan. UK Mirror Class Technical Officer


Complying with the ISAF interpretation on adjustable forestays

This is a note for owners with adjustable forestay systems to set out some options for complying with the ISAF interpretation.

1)    The purchase system can be removed from the boat and replaced with

a.    A dyneema/spectra line which is the traditional system. 3mm line running around a straight pin on the forestay channel and the swaged eye on the end of the forestay works well. If the line is tied to the forestay eye, then around the pin in a aft to forward direction then through the eye in a forward to aft direction. If 3 complete loops are made, each in the same direction, the line binds on itself when tightened so the tension is held on while a knot is tied. Looping the line in the direction indicated makes it easy to apply tension by pulling down on the line between the end of the forestay and the foredeck (so can be done with your shoe if necessary).

b.    A “boat buster” purchase (8:1 is popular in Australia) which is temporarily attached to the jib halyard and forestay attachment fitting and used to apply tension to the shrouds. The forestay is then attached to the forestay attachment fitting directly with a pin (if the forestay is long enough) or the pin inserted into a vernier style shroud adjuster which is attached to the forestay fitting, or a dyneema/spectra line is rigged, tightened to take the tension and knotted. The purcase system is then removed. To take of the rig tension the process is reversed.

c.    A bottlescrew or “staymaster” which is then wound up to achieve the tension required.

d.    A highfield lever

2)    The purchase system can be disconnected from the forestay while the boat is racing. One way to do this is to rig a dyneema/spectra line as in 1) a) above. Use the purchase system to tension the rig. Then tighten the dyneema/spectra line to take up the tension and knot it off. Uncleat the purchase system and disconnect it from the forestay by disconnecting the 1st block in the cascade, or untying or unshackling or unhooking the purchase system from the forestay.

I will be on hand on Saturday and Sunday morning with a reel of 3mm dyneema to help owners with this.

Martin Egan

Technical Officer UK MCA

2011 Crewsaver Mirror Nationals Entry


Please remember that to avoid the late entry fee to the 2011 Crewsaver UK Mirror Nationals you need to have entered BEFORE the 6th August. Entry to the event can be completed on line, on the Restronguet SC website

Nationals Accommodation

We have just had notification that (due to a cancellation) one of the self catering apartments at Mylor Yacht Harbour, which is just a few minutes walk from Restronguet SC, has become available. The apartment is called Boscawen, sleeps 8, and is available from the 19th August for one week. Cost works out at £160/person for the week.

The apartment can be booked on line:-

If you have any questions on booking, or the property itself please contact Jennie Trevithick, Marketing Manager, Mylor Yacht Harbour Ltd, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 5UF. Tel  +44 (0)1326 372121

We have also been advised of another property available w/c 20/08/11, about ten minutes drive from the Club.

Sleeps 4/£727/=£181 pp. Details and on line booking through  Ancarva Cottage S208. You can also contact Tan Lumby for further details on 01872 864900 or 07708 808401


2011 Crewsaver UK Mirror Nationals

 Entry to the event can be completed on line, on the Restronguet SC website

The UKMCA has one Trident Mirror left for charter - anybody in Ireland fancy entering? The boat can be booked either by contacting me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the UKMCA Secretary Peter Robinson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please contact me if you decide to enter and need help in finding accommodation, or have any other questions.

We look forward to welcoming all entrants to the event.

Irish Crews Looking For Charter Boats for UK Nationals

Are there any families / individuals out there who have a race prepared Mirror that they would be willing to consider offering for charter during this years Mirror Nationals? We have two Irish crews who would like to enter this years event at Restronguet SC in August, and would like to look at the charter option. Could you please contact Fergal McNamara directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you think you can help.


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