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NeilPryde Northern Championships 2013

Friday 29th March saw the Northern Neil Pryde National Youth Development Squad arrive at cold and crisp Ullswater Yacht Club for their final day of winter training before the Northern Championships (Saturday through Monday) - the first of the Neil Pryde Nationwide series.  Temperatures below zero and an awkward north-easterly wind off the mountains greeted the sailors and remained for the entire event, creating very shifty conditions with some wild gusts, presenting a challenge for even the most experienced sailors on the water.

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Don't forget the suncream - NeilPryde Nationwide 1 and UYC Easter Regatta

Mirror dinghy sailing on a very cold day with snow on the hills behind

Hope you are looking forward to an excellent weekend at tropical Ullswater.
There's loads on offer - even some sailing
Please follow this link to the definitive guide to the weekend including details on fleets, race times, easter egg hunt, James Bond evening, team games night etc.

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