Dear Sally . . - letters to the editor of Reflections No. 11

Jeremy Strugnell's training week

I THOUGHT I would write to you about the success Jeremy Strugnell had with his training week during the Easter Holidays (Club News, March Reflections).

Cruising Club

JOHN STARKIE’S comments regarding a Cruising Club within th Association are most worthy, and I would second the proposal.

Lifejackets V Buoyancy Aids

MOST R.Y.A. Instructors and Coaches stipulate the wearing of “lifejackets” when sailing, as opposed to “buoyancy aids.” Their reasons are perfectly sound and I would follow their advice but for the price - a life jacket - there are only two, the “Ottersports” and the “Beaufort,” are over twice the price of a buoyancy aid!


NOW THAT I am no longer Commodore. I can enjoy racing once more — hot rivalry afoot, particularly between Cobech Too, and Eric Jackson, our Fleet Captain. Superior sailing, better use of tactics, better finish on my boat . . . brought me ahead of Eric last week at the windward mark. Tide was slack, and the mooring rope from the buoy drifted across the proper course. A neat ‘trip’ - cold water all around, and my crew, executing a neat dive, arrived in the ‘oggin beside me. We watched the boat come slowly over on top of us — and there was I, inside, and there was he, outside.

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