Dear Sally . . - letters to the editor of Reflections No. 11

New Buoyancy Test

A FRIEND of mine recently told me of an interesting experience he had with his Mirror whilst ‘doing an Open.’

About five minutes before the ten minute gun was due, a rather officious character appeared, inspecting buoyancy Certificates. Not having performed the annual ritual, my friend was somewhat alarmed, and feared that he would not be allowed to start.

Sailing in New Zealand

I WAS interested to read Donald Forbes  account of sailing in Pembrokeshire (I recently arrived over here!) T’aint’ like that here, no castles and little or nothing of historic interest. 100 years is really old!

Attitudes to Outboard Motors

WHAT IS IT with Yacht Clubs and outboard motors? If I want to go for a cruise with my family from the Club house, I have to smuggle my little “seagull” aboard disguised as an extra lifejacket, stow it under the thwart wrapped in a towel, and not dare to use it until I’m well out of sight and sound of all the Scorpions and Five-Os hareing about in a most dangerous manner, with their crews more in the water than out of it. Otherwise I get remarks like “That’s a lazy way to go sailing,” or “I shouldn’t let the Commodore see that if I were you!” etc. etc.

Outline of History

R.S. BURDON, M19321 (“England Expects” July Reflections), the late Henry Ford I, and I have an important thing in common — we all seem to believe that history is bunk. When Nelson had his chips at Waterloo, through a well directed arrow from Norman Williams (or was it
Norman Wisdom’s?) lot, he was heard to murmur in pain, “It’s me ‘eart — ee,ee.”

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