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Friday 22nd of September 2017    
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ROY PARTRIDGE 14 Nov 2007 01:44 #15802

  • grazza_mirror
Rupert & Dave, I really hope your son/daughter carry on sailing and enjoy sailing the mirror, I'm also pleased, as indeed my dad would be, that his book has helped them along the way.

Tim/Mike Bees, I now remember the Marconi regatta as being the best meet in the UK at the time, despite the near miss with the VW and your sails. Great sailing and great social events.

The link posted by flying pig http://home.hetnet.nl/~herman1.janssen// (you need to click on the Achieve link) and doesn't seem to work with FireFox, Is my dad and I sailing at Derwent waters, a large reservoir in the North West of England, this is where the UK Worlds qualifiers took place for the 1976 Worlds, and I believe that this photo is from that qualifier, I don't recall sailing there at any other time, as it was a long way from London, that said, I do recall that it was a great place to sail!

Q. Does anyone have a copy of the Mirror handbook, that used to be published every year (not sure if it still is) that lists all of the National and World winners, and maybe area winners. I'm still trying to find out how many Nationals my dad won? any info would be appreciated.


ROY PARTRIDGE 14 Nov 2007 09:44 #15803

  • Roger Clark
Hello Graeme

I only have a 1993 class handbook to hand but these are the championships that your Father is shown as winning or as runner up.

World Champion
1976 Holland 15000 Thunderbird

European Champion
1970 Ireland 15000 Iver's Bird

National Champion
1967 Plymouth 6330 Menna (Runner up)
1970 Plymouth 15000 Iver's Bird
1971 Newquay 15000 Iver's Bird (Runner up)
1976 Newquay 15000 Thunderbird

Southern Champion
1967 Harwich 6330 Menna (Runner up)
1968 Hastings 6330 Menna
1969 Thorpe Bay 15000 Iver's Bird
1972 Bognor Regis 15000 Iver's Bird (Runner up)
1974 Herne Bay 15000 Iver's Bird (Runner up)

Welsh Champion
1969 River Towy 15000 Iver's Bird (Runner up)
1971 Barry 15000 Iver's Bird

Western Champion
1970 Lyme Regis 15000 Iver's Bird

I think these are correct and hope it brings back many memories.

By the way have you seen your photograph in your Dad's book? If not you should really get a copy!

Roger Clark

ROY PARTRIDGE 17 Nov 2007 15:50 #15806

  • Guy Wilkins
Hi Graeme - I was so sad to read that Roy had died. I liked Roy and and always respected the way he "played the game". Not only was he a top Mirror sailor, he was a very approachable, genuine man who always made the time to listen and encourage other sailors. Indeed, I was one of those young people he encouraged and inspired during the mid 70's and still enjoy owning a mirror today. My very best wishes to you and your family.
Guy Wilkins (Mirror 39508 "Aquaforus"/"Norbert")

guy Wilkins

ROY PARTRIDGE 18 Nov 2007 00:47 #15810

  • grazza_mirror
Hi Roger,

I really appreciate you taking the time to provide this information, it really means a lot to me, as I have no other source other than memory. Is the the Mirror hand book still published?

Hi Guy,

Thank you for your post, and of course coming from a former world champion and Mirror book writer, it makes it that bit more meaningful. My dad would have been happy to know that he helped or inspired you in anyway along your path to becoming a Mirror world champion.


ROY PARTRIDGE 12 Mar 2008 19:18 #15927

  • grazza_mirror
Hi All,

For anyone that did not know, Roy Partridge (my dad), was a type one Diabetic from an early age. Please see link to short article on the UK Diabetes web site,
http://www.diabetes.org.uk/Guide-to-dia ... the-world/

Hope this inspires anyone with similar disabilities.


ROY PARTRIDGE 12 Mar 2008 23:25 #15928

  • D.Hughes
My son Gareth was first diagnosed type one diabetic back in I think 2002 when he was on the National Mirror squad. It was two weeks before the Euro's in Holland and he was taken into hospital due too his high blood sugar. He was determined to go and completed the whole event with his crew Neil. He now sails my GP14 and it has not effected his sport one jot. Any young person in the (increasingly more common)same situation, take hope, life goes on as normal.


ROY PARTRIDGE 07 Apr 2008 08:47 #15962

  • Roger Clark
Just been looking on the Internet and came across some photos of Roy Partridge.

http://groups.msn.com/MirrorDiscussionF ... ridge.msnw

They may have been posted by his son Graeme or another member of the family.

Roger Clark

Edited by - Roger Clark on 07 April 2008 14:19:31

ROY PARTRIDGE 23 Jun 2008 21:52 #16121

  • grazza_mirror
Posted by me, Graeme, I have found some B & W pics & loads of 35mm colour slides, the 35 mm slides will get converted into digital format and posted on the same link as Roger listed, if there's room, The black & white pics that I have just posted on MSN are probably taken by Arthur Sidey who worked for the Daily Mirror at the time, I hope Im not going to break any copyright stuff after all these years! I also have created a Mirror 14 album.

ROY PARTRIDGE 16 Jul 2008 16:33 #16167

  • Roger Clark
When I originally asked this question I never thought it would attract such attention. I cannot believe that 4785 people have viewed this thread. Is this a record for the Forum?

It just goes to show that the spirit of Roy Partridge will live on for a great many years due to his devotion to the Mirror and through his book. Will anyone else ever be able to command such respect in the Mirror world?

Roger Clark

ROY PARTRIDGE 18 Jul 2008 08:33 #16171

  • Roger Clark
Last night I received the following email and have posted in full as it is very relevant to this thread.

<i>I read with interest on the mirror website forum the discussion started by you about Roy Partridge, sadly missed, a wonderful sailor who was always happy to chat about Mirrors and pass on his knowledge of these little boats.

Unfortunately as a lapsed Mirror sailor (sailing a Solo these days) I couldn’t add direct to the forum, but I did have enough surf time today to read the discussion, perhaps you’d like to add this mail yourself.

When Iver sailing club sadly demised in 1986 the members mainly either joined Maidenhead or Kingsmead sailing clubs. Fortunately for us Roy chose to sail at Kingsmead and for a brief period until about 1990 we could have 20 Mirrors racing, mainly single handed with spinnakers!, – though Roy always went very fast without one!

Amongst many other mirror sailors who joined were Bob Joyce, Ken Price, Len Dean, Keith Bullock and Anthea Wright, the latter three and several other ex-Iver sailors still belong to Kingsmead and sail regularly.

Roy’s legacy also lives on, my dad John Ayres owns, races and occasionally wins in Roy’s last Mirror – 67069 which still has the sticker on the transom showing it travelled to Canada! Several – indeed most of the remaining half dozen mirrors at Kingsmead still either use old sails of Roy’s or those he had cut as a ‘job lot’ for us in the early 90’s and it is not uncommon to see 67069 displayed on three boats at once!!

My dad knew Roy from his first outings in Mirrors, he built and sailed 234 – Jobo at Iver for a few winters in the 60’s and still owns and sails 23456 – Other One (as well as 67069) which he built in 1971 after 234 was destroyed when a milk float reversed through it!

When I was growing up Roy was one of those mystery characters who people talked about but I rarely saw as he was usually so far ahead of us on the course; I was very pleased to have been able get to know him later.

I’m sure anyone who sailed a Mirror back in the 70’s and 80’s will not be in the least surprised to see how much interest your initial question has raised!

Ian Ayres
(Commodore at Kingsmead 2005-2007, member 1976 - 2007)

Just shows what a great chap Roy Partidge was.

Roger Clark

ROY PARTRIDGE 25 May 2007 17:10 #19905

  • Roger Clark
The name Roy Partidge means a lot to Mirror sailors. I can remember back at the end of the 1960's racing against him, he was always on the horizon in front!

My questions are:
1. Is he still around?
2. Does he still sail Mirrors?
3. Which club did he sail for when he won the Nationals and Worlds?

Any other information would be of interest.
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