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Friday 22nd of September 2017    
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The mirror 16 class
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TOPIC: The mirror 16 class

The mirror 16 class 21 Sep 2006 08:07 #12811

  • ASW
The Mirror 16 was part of the Mirror Family of boats.
Mirror 10 (the mirror as we know it), the Mirror 14 (later to become the Marauder) and the Mirror 16 - a slightly larger version of the Mirror 14.
The Mirror (10) was promoted by the Daily Mirror paper and i think so were the 14 & 16. There were several posters around at the time featuring the boats with the Daily Mirror logo on them.
You could try the Daily Mirror archives or give them a ring - i`d be interested on what you find out. Perhaps worth posting on the forum.

Cheers, Andy

ASW Boatbuilding & repairs. 07966 513147

The mirror 16 class 22 Sep 2006 08:03 #12831

  • trw999
A quick Google search reveals the following, some from other forums, which may be helpful:

From: Stretch723 in response to Message 11
Sent: 09/09/2006 22:29
Hi there.

I have just acquired an older Mirror 16, sail # 88 (can you believe it!!). I know the boat was built in England and shipped to Canada years ago.

Do you know how many Mirror 16 kits were sold and if there are any others in Canada

Stretch 723

Barrie Skeltcher, Slaughden SC writes: “I am restoring my old Mirror 16, No
64, and would like to learn if there are any other Mirror 16 boats still sailing.
Better still are there any still racing?
I won the Mirror 16 nationals three times back in the 1970s in No 64, Puff.
She has now been restored by Upson's yard and I am putting the finishing
touches to her. The class, the largest of the Mirror dinghy range, did not catch
on like the Mirror 11 mainly because the sailing schools preferred the more
robust Wayfarer. The M16 had a sealed bilge for buoyancy and when water got
in, it started to rot. I think most have now met this sad fate.â€

The mirror 16 class 01 Oct 2006 17:04 #12955

  • Zimmerman
I know this forum is abour Mirror 16s, but Mirror 14s were mentioned. I have just bought a 14 and have been unable to find out anything about them. Have they all gone the same way as the 16s or ther still some others out there?

The mirror 16 class 07 Oct 2006 20:24 #13001

  • ASW
Hi Zimmerman,

The Mirror 14 became the Marauder try searching with that


ASW Boatbuilding & repairs. 07966 513147

The mirror 16 class 10 Oct 2006 18:11 #13018

  • Zimmerman
Tried Marauders. Not much more success there.

The mirror 16 class 11 Oct 2006 10:17 #13021

  • tatali0n
Okay, idiot newbie question time, so forgive me if this is a daft one ...

What is a Mirror 16, as in what are the differences between one and a "standard" Mirror. Is it just length? For that matter, is the "16" a reference to the boat's length or something else?

Just trying to picture one in my mind.



The mirror 16 class 13 Oct 2006 09:47 #13028

  • trw999
The Mirror family started with the renowned Mirror dinghy. The 16 (as in 16 feet) was introduced in about 1970 and I recall that it's claim to fame was that it could be built in a similar fashion to the dinghy, had good integral buoyancy and was a family cruiser, racer and all rounder.

I recall the leaflets at the time had photos of a family of four camping in the boat. The side tanks/seats extended from the stern to the bow and the flat floor area allowed enough room for two to sleep forward under the foredeck and two more under a boom tent in the cockpit.

A year or few after the 16 was introduced, the Mirror Offshore was also introduced. It never really took off and it looked rather top heavy and ungainly. It was some 23 feet in length if I remember correctly. As for the Marauder, I had always thought that it was a fibreglass copy of a Mirror and was introduced in the mid 70's


Edited by - trw999 on 13 October 2006 10:48:26

The mirror 16 class 13 Oct 2006 13:05 #13029

  • Rupert
The Marauder was/is a very racy trapeze boat, and was the Mirror 14 for many years. It may have suffered because people expected it to be the next step up from the Mirror, but infact needed far greater skill levels. She was designed by Peter Milne of Fireball fame. The Miracle, of course, came in after that to fufill the roll of next step from the Mirror.

The mirror 16 class 20 Oct 2006 15:56 #13069

  • tom69
i have (i think) recently aquired a mirror 14/marauder but im unsure, does anyone have any photos at all so that i can see if what i have is actually this type of dinghy?


The mirror 16 class 09 Aug 2006 13:00 #19337

  • gilespie

I am trying to trace the history of the mirror 16 and i hoping that there might some one who remembers the class

As a child was taught to sail on one and I have some very found memories of sailing on her and going on expeditions etc.

I would very much like to trace any one who is or was an owner and also whether there is any class association or places where plans/kits/boats may still be obtained

Is there any one who can help ?

many thanks

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