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04 Nov 2006 18:43 #13238 by GarethT
Replied by GarethT on topic Classic Mirror
Seems to me that there is only so much the MCA can do, short of abducting people and their boats, to get them to open coaching.

I think it's down to us numpties to make a committment to each other to attend a particular event, so we won't be on our own.

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04 Nov 2006 19:58 #13240 by SueJP
Replied by SueJP on topic Classic Mirror
There are more than 6 mirrors (other than ours) at our sailing club, but the only time they get wet is when it rains (which is quite often) and none of which are mca members (other than us)
Im sure it would be quite easy to get more than 6 cat 3/4 mirrors/owners that would like training, but one of the problems lies with location. i should imagine the majority of mirror sailors (or any other sort of sailor really) are located on the south coast, as we've found when looking at buying boats, so getting us all together would be quite a problem.
This forum is a good starting point, but would it be worth while for the regional reps to know who us 'numpties' are, then they can gauge an idea of whether it would be viable for 'numpty training' in their area. there would probably be a lot of mirror sailors on the south coast willing to get involved in this, but with the rest of us dotted around the country, its not so easy, and its not hard to feel a bit left out, as for some of us it isn't possible to travel long distances when your just going to get there and be disapointed.
We need a lot better publicity for open coaching/coached open events, if these are suitable for the category 3/4 sailors, as some have later been found out the be squad selction events.

I personally would love to get the rest of the mirrors at our sailing club out on the water, and it would be great if we could have a coaching event that is actually near us, and not specifically aimed at the squad, as i think this would encourage the owners to sail their mirrors more often and hopefully become more involved in the MCA.

Numpties of the mirror world unite!<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

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06 Nov 2006 18:23 #13248 by Trevor Lloyd
Replied by Trevor Lloyd on topic Classic Mirror
I just wanted to clarify a couple of points that have been raised on this thread, some I think is is off topic for the classic thread. Classic status in my mind is about giving people with elderly and largely original mirrors something else to race for outside of the existing Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets. These existing fleets do broadly represent differing skill levels. Classic status can be confused with skill level because generally the beginners have the elderly boats, but not always. So a classic boat sailed by a novice would be eligable for a bronze fleet prize and a classic prize......

We did the open coaching for the 1st time last year. This is excellant value for money, though I understand that this is not that local for some. There were events though at Hollingworth, Queen Mary (M25), Plymouth and Rutland. There was also club training over 10 weekends at local clubs, pretty good really, we did a couple of those and they are also very good. The area reps could organise additional training I guess if enough people want it.

I absolutely agree that the area reps do need to support the whole rang of mirror owners and are key to driving the class locally. The class (MCA) will grow if we can ensure the grass roots believe we are an open friendly and helpfull class. The excellent web site shows how well run the class is and is far better run than a number of others I have seen.

My views on Flying Pigs classic status comments below;

1) Obviously the old 2 piece mast, but what about alloy lower masts?
Yes, I think so, again because there don't seem to be many wooden masts in the dinghy park, but if the general view is different?
2) I would agree with your suggestion of gunnel or side tank sheeted jib i.e. what I presume to be Jeckels style sails.
3) Would you outlaw GRP boats from classic status? (As a matter of interest when did they start making them?)
I don't see why not, I think I can remeber seeing the fist ones in the mid 70's?
4) Would you allow flyaway poles?
Essential for single handers with spinnaker
5) Would you allow extra battens to be fitted in older boats? (very topical for me!!)
I actually don't see that as a problem personally as it is more a safety issue
6) Would you allow the enlarged transom drain holes?
I guess not

.... and I sure we'll think up further issues..

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06 Nov 2006 20:20 #13249 by flyingpig
Replied by flyingpig on topic Classic Mirror
Maybe Toddy has a point about excluding spinnakers - or saying if you are sailing as "classic" then you don't use one if it's fitted. Then there are no questions about what go-faster fittings you can use with it. But then we've always wished for a separate PY for non-spinnaker boats anyway.
FP2 would no longer be "classic" as I've just enlarged the transom drain holes. (Next time I go to Grimwith I'll take a bucket, but as a puny little short person I find the bigger holes in FP2 make turning the boat over in the workshop much easier!)
Maybe I'd better revive FP1 after all.....

pigs might.....

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06 Nov 2006 20:52 #13250 by Trevor Lloyd
Replied by Trevor Lloyd on topic Classic Mirror
I crewed for Angus in one race at grimwith, I think it's fair to say that with water coming up and out of the plate case the biggest bucket wouldn't have been big enough! Large transom holes or not

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