Split tailed main sheet Rule proposal for AGM

13 Aug 2007 19:01 #20038 by Trevor Lloyd
Please find attached a copy of my rule proposal for 2007.

This proposal has been seconded and will be put to the AGM. More than happy to take comments, anyone wishing to associate themselves with these proposals please let me know. It might seem like a lot of change but it's only the things we've (the open circuit racers) been discussing and someone has to play devils advocate!.

Rule 6.2.1 (ii) Mainsheet, Simplified wording but with limitations on purchase remaining as of the current rules. The reason being that by simplifying the wording people can choose the arrangement within the confines detailed, specifically allowing split tailed centre mainsheets They can use the maximum purchase available so that children can operate it easily or use less mainsheet and have the same purchase as used to exist. This is a no cost option will not outclass older boats and over time everyone can implement this should they wish.

6.2.1 The type and material of running rigging and associated fittings are optional subject to the following limitations:


(ii) The mainsheet shall be a single line and be attached to one of the mainsheet attachment points on the transom, then passed through a single block on the boom and a single block attached to the other mainsheet attachment point on the transom. Strops not longer than 60mm may be used.


The mainsheet shall be a single line led from a non-adjustable bridle attached to the mainsheet attachment points on the transom, or a Becket or the block fixed to the bridle, through a block on the boom and back through the block on the bridle.


The mainsheet shall be a single line led from the boom, or a Becket on the block near the outer end of the boom, to a block fixed on a non-adjustable bridle then back to the block on the boom, then through a constraining loop to the second block on the boom. From here it may lead to another block fixed in the cockpit. The bridle shall be attached to the mainsheet attachment points on the transom. The constraining loop shall be fitted to the boom between the two blocks. The maximum distance between the underside of the boom and any point on the bearing surface of the loop shall be 50mm.


(ii) The arrangement of the mainsheet is optional; it shall have a maximum of 4 single blocks of which one may be a ratchet block and or jammer.

This allows the user the choice of mainsheet style which allows for;

• Additional purchase where required for smaller children when using the existing ‘laser’ style mainsheet.
• Allows for the use of a ‘standard’ purchase for stronger children or adults.
• Allows the use of a split tailed main sheet that exerts the same purchase as the original main sheet system but allows the main to be sheeted on the centre line.
• Reduces the amount of main sheet and blocks required with the existing centre main arrangement if desired by using a split tailed main sheet.
• Simple self governing rule.
• Nil cost or saving on existing centre main architecture.

As in many classes this will eventually lead to a single method being adopted.



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14 Aug 2007 08:20 #15425 by Roger Clark
Replied by Roger Clark on topic Split tailed main sheet Rule proposal for AGM
In the origins of the class this rule was designed to make all boats as equal as possible, however with the rig changes now available it is now too dated. The freedom of choice will only allow the class to remain popular and appeal against modern upstarts.


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