Gaff Proposal For AGM 07

13 Aug 2007 19:08 #20039 by Trevor Lloyd
Please find attached a copy of my rule proposals for 2007.

This proposal has been seconded and will be put to the AGM. More than happy to take comments, anyone wishing to associate themselves with these proposals please let me know. It might seem like a lot of change but it's only the things we've (the open circuit racers) been discussing and someone has to play devils advocate!.

5.3 Gaff

5.3.2 The gaff shall be solid wood or laminated from two (paired) pieces of wood.

Proposed 5.3.2

The Gaff may be made of any material

Reasoning: One of the chief arguments for the Bermudan rig was lack of availability of the suitable wooden gaffs. The other was the weight of the Gaff.

Allowing the gaff to be made of any material would allow the use \ reuse of wind surfer masts to be used as light weight Gaff replacements. These are readily available in a broad variety of materials and could be developed to balance the performance advantage back to the Gaff for those that wish to pursue that route.

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14 Aug 2007 08:23 #15426 by Roger Clark
Replied by Roger Clark on topic Gaff Proposal For AGM 07
The class has changed to allow alloy masts and bermudian rigs, so why not allow alternative materials for the gaff. Brilliant idea and should appeal to owners of older Mirrors to try and improve their performance.


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