Skeg Rule Change 2007

25 Jul 2007 12:02 #20010 by Trevor Lloyd
The 2007 rules have changed with regard to the Skeg. If you are in the process of repainting your boat you may wish to take advantage of being able to fair the skeg and fill in the hole as the hole is now OPTIONAL. Of course if you like the handle it must still conform to the rules detailed below.

1.4.10 The skeg shall conform with the diagram. The dimensions shall include the keelband. The overall length shall be not less than 635mm and the thickness at the hull not less than 18mm. The hole in the skeg is optional. If it exists it, and all associated fairing around it, shall be contained within a rectangle measuring a maximum of 202mm long and a maximum of 73mm deep. The hole shall be a minimum of 10mm from the hull or the surface of the keelband.

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