2008/09 Youth Squad

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16 Aug 2008 12:22 #20335 by angus
2008/09 Youth Squad was created by angus
The continuation of the Mirror Youth Squad up to the 2009 Worlds has hit a little bit of a hurdle and we need some help please.

Five of the six dates are booked for the training with the first one on 1 and 2 November 2008. We now need to invite applications for the squad, confirm selection, collect fees and a few other things.

One small issue - I (Angus) have moved to Dubai. So we need someone to help with this who is in the UK or there is a risk that the YS might not happen.

If you think you would like to take on a Squad role please contact Angus or Simon for a chat and details. angus.carlisle@btconnect.com

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16 Aug 2008 17:51 #16202 by Simon Lovesey
Replied by Simon Lovesey on topic 2008/09 Youth Squad
Thanks to Angus for all his help with the Youth Squad, most of the hard work for the forthcoming season has been done and training officer John McNulty will be assisting, but we do need an involved parent to help and ensure the continuation of the YS. This should not be too big a task

MCA Secretary

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27 Aug 2008 13:13 #16206 by john mcnulty
Replied by john mcnulty on topic 2008/09 Youth Squad
HERE IS A COPY OF AN E-MAIL I'VE JUST SENT TO ALL NYS AND NJS SAILORS AND PARENTS. The NYS membership list was attached to the e-mail and is not part of this message. If you haven't received your e-mail please check any old e-addresses you may have, or your childrens' mailboxes. If still nothing please send me an e-address I can reply to. ANYONE INTERSTED IN JOINING THE YOUTH SQUAD SHOULD RESPOND.

Dear All

While Angus is absent abroad I am helping out in the NATIONAL YOUTH SQUAD arrangements for next year. The aims and ambitions for the YS are to achieve 1 top 3 and 2 further top 10 places at the 2009 World Championships at Pwllheli. This provides a great prospect for those former NJS sailors to continue with top level coaching and give them the chance of international success.

The first thing to establish is who, from the existing squads, WILL be taking part next year and who WILL NOT be taking part. The current youth squad list is attached herewith and the junior squad list is given at the foot of this messasge. Will all addressees please confirm their intentions as soon as possible. The next thing is who will be joining from the NJS and elsewhere.

So that you can plan your attendances, the proposed training programme is provisionally as follows:
1 & 2 November Pwllheli, 6/7 December Draycote, 17/18 January Draycote, 4/5 April Pwllheli, 4/5 July Pwllheli plus one more venue on the south coast (HISC) in March or May. Coaches will be advised later.

The estimated cost for the training package will be £360 for the 6 sessions above.

In Angus's absence the Youth Squad will need a new manager and one, or more, of the ongoing parents is requested to take this on. Alternatively, and to share the load, a group of parents could do it with, perhaps, a different family organising and managing each event. Can you work this out among yourselves and let me know? I am happy to carry the admin but some of you will have to do the "do-ing". A job spec is roughly as follows:
confirm the bookings and venues plus the logistics
liaise with the venues' event organisers
recruit members to the squad as required (target is 8 - 12 boats) and devise budget accordingly
seek sponsorship to help with venue costs and squad clothing
establish the communications between all parties involved
collect revenues and remit to me
book the coaches, agree the fees and devise the training programme and schedule
provide the development outcomes for each sailor to achieve their potential

The essential first steps are to know who's going to be in the squad and who will take on the management and organisation. A topic on the YS forum already exists for this and things will only happen if you all get involved. I have just copied this message to that forum.

Hope to hear very soon. Without your participation the YS will not happen.

Regards - John
Open training Co-ordinator
The current 2007/8 national junior squad consists of the following sailors:
Charlotte Fitzgerald & Tara Bottomley William Parkinson & Hannah Parkinson Emma Spruce & Lucy Ford
Tom Lovesey & James Lovesey James Brant & Daniel Peck Hugo Sloper & Aidan McCarthy
Isabel Fitzgerald & Lisa McDanell Roseanna Yeoward and Harry Yeoward

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