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18 Jan 2005 12:44 #18103 by admins little helper
Feedback from Chew Valley was created by admins little helper
Hi Everyone

Well done on the weekend - a great first session! I think we made good progress on analysing all the boat handling routines and hopefully you can all remember the areas of these you need to work on. If you can't, hopefully some of this will help:


Leeward heel to bring boat into wind. (Shaun/Emma need to work on this)

Bring weight to other (new leeward) side of boat as boat passes head to wind.

Crew brings jib across, and calls to helm when it is set. Remember not too tight. (Freya remember to squeeze the jib in gradually)

Drop gunnel into water before pulling boat upright. (All of you could do with more roll)

If light/choppy, steer a little low and then come up onto the wind. (Gav, watch you dont use the rudder too much)

All in all, its the most used manoeuvre and therefore needs a lot of practice. If you go sailing before the next session, make sure you do a set of 30/40 good tacks - giving yourself a mark out of ten for each one.


We then moved onto spinny work which in general was very good.

Lisa make sure you practice standing up to pull the spinny in.

Gav/Henry, I'd like you to try flipping your pole over, so the hook points up, and then using the release string to drop the guy out of the hook before you pull the pole in on a gybe - that way you should be able to fly the spinny all the way through.

Paddy, remember that when you're organised and cool going into the gybe, they are very good.

Shaun/Emma, consider fitting a release string to your pole.

Matt/Ben, consistently good - proves that practice makes perfect!


Although we'll return here to cover them in more detail, the ones you did do, highlighted how important the bear away is. Remember, weight to windward, and dump the main fully!! (All of you)


Being able to accelerate, whether out of a bad tack, or on the start line is a crucial skill. Keep practicing it when you're out on the water. Remember, start with the sails loose, a bit of leeward heel, and sailing a bit off the wind. (Paddy may want to consult Rule 42!!!)


As with any 2-person boat, without teamwork the boat will never go fast. Crews - remember to keep your eyes out of the boat around the racecourse, like in the river exercise, and keep talking to your helm.


Didn't really work I'll admit, mainly due to the conditions being a little strong. We'll revisit this area when we have flatter water and lighter winds.


This was good I thought, as it encourages lots of tacking/gybing trying to break/maintain cover on the other boat. You all seemed to grasp the fairly complex start procedures so well done. We'll definitely be doing it again.


Nice one! Thanks very much to Rick and Lynn Adams for all their hard work over the weekend, the Chew Valley caterers and the rest of the Sailing Club.

I'll be in contact via email, with an updated program so you can keep up to date on what we're working towards.

The next session is on the 19/20 Feb with Peter Aitken at Staunton Harold, hope you have a great time. Here you should hopefully be getting your jackets and folders. Remember to take PE kit as well, as I'm sure Peter will be taking you for a run!

The weekend before is the Junior Bloody Mary at Queen Mary SC. If your not doing anything, why not go along to this huge Pursuit race. The Mirrors normally do fairly well on handicap. I'm just trying to find out what the age limit is, I'll post here when I get a reply.

Any other issues, I can be contacted on email , although I will be in match racing in Australia from 26th Jan - 6th Feb at the Warren Jones Youth Regatta.

See you at Hollingsworth.


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02 Feb 2005 22:03 #8025 by Peter Aitken
Replied by Peter Aitken on topic Feedback from Chew Valley
Well done Rob.
I hope all is going well in Aus
I am looking forward to SH

National Coach

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