Hi USA is anyone comming to the World Championship

30 Nov 2008 11:08 #20412 by Peter Robinson
Invite to world Championships

The IMCA World Championships are being held in Pwllheli Wales in July 2009.

This is an open championship, anyone with a Mirror can enter. We welcome you all.

Have some great racing, great holiday and lots of fun.

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  • LukeDolman
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03 Dec 2008 19:51 #16364 by LukeDolman
Hi Peter

We seem to be receiving invites from all over the place <img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle> I have forwarded out the open invite to our membership list (last count, 57) so we shall see what we get. I'm still hopeful that we'll be able to get there ourselves.

Best regards
Luke Dolman

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03 Dec 2008 23:06 #16365 by Peter Robinson
Hi Luke,
Great to hear from you. Your name is familiar as I am helping Jeremy with the data collection. Hope to meet you sometime

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  • Simon Lovesey
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04 Dec 2008 08:35 #16366 by Simon Lovesey
Replied by Simon Lovesey on topic Hi USA is anyone comming to the World Championship

Would be great to have a US contingent at the Worlds, and as mentioned on several occasions, the Worlds is far more than just about the pure racing side. It is the chance for ALL Mirror sailors, regardless of their sailing focus (racing or cruising) to gather, a jamboree of everything Mirror.

For those who do not want to compete in the Main World Championships, there will be the Beach Worlds, giving short, fun and less stressed racing close to the Beach. There will also be scope to cruise and picnic in company to some of the many beautiful beaches that exist near Pwllheli.

For Single Handers there will also be a separate Worlds for those who like the challenge of sailing a Mirror alone.

For those travelling from different continents, we have a few boats available

The Worlds are also the formal and only gathering of the International Mirror Class Association, so the chance for those who are passionate about Mirrors to shape the future of the class

So there will be something to suit all tastes, the key is we get people to sign up early 2009 so we can finalise our plans and ensure we meet everyone's requirements

Event Site

MCA Secretary

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  • LukeDolman
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05 Dec 2008 15:23 #16371 by LukeDolman
It sounds like it's going to be a <i>great</i> event and we love the fact that it's as much a Mirror Jamboree as it is a World Champs event - well done folks.

There are a few emails flying around at the moment so despite the current economic Armageddon I remain hopeful that there will be at least one boat flying a Stars and Stripes next year. We'll let you know.

Kindest regards

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