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26 Nov 2006 19:54 #19570 by ecover
Tacking was created by ecover
ok i belive that you should tack forward to be able to see anything that is coming your way and if i remember corrctly all of the coaches teach people to tack facing forwards
but i need your vues.
(team ABN-AMRO)

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26 Nov 2006 20:25 #13397 by wetndry
Replied by wetndry on topic Tacking
I was taught to face backwards in a boat with aft main and forwards in a boat with centre main. When I swap from one to the other I usually face the wrong way for the first couple of tacks and get a bit tangled up!

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27 Nov 2006 16:29 #13402 by LevanteIRL67592
Replied by LevanteIRL67592 on topic Tacking
It is recommended you tack backwards in a mirror. It's easier to tack properly when you switch hands in front of you. The only reason you tack forwards in centre main boats is because the position of the centre mainsheet means you get tangled if you don't. Fast boats tack in a matter of about 2 seconds, and you should regularly look away from ahead of you to check your sails, look at clouds, the committee boat and other competitors for more than this, your field of vision isn't really an issue.

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