Where is the future?

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12 Jun 2006 18:35 #12244 by ecover
Replied by ecover on topic Where is the future?
i can't belive that jeremy clarkson wanted 2 225 engines on the back of that mitsu

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14 Jun 2006 20:15 #12263 by flyingpig
Replied by flyingpig on topic Where is the future?
Here's a selection of captions from Craven Sailing Club:

1) Readers Offer - spring cruise
2) Who's moved the spinnaker? The compartment's full of gloves!
3) Mirror triumphant (at last!)
4) ....it was definitely a wet lap!
5) The brochure said it was "car-toppable".

and from a non-sailng friend who didn't know about Enterprise dinghies:
6) Herald of Free Enterprise?

pigs can....and do.....

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