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Friday 22nd of September 2017    
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Sailmakers tuning guides

The following are sailmakers tuning guides for the Mirror dinghy.

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1   Link   Malcolm Goodwin Mirror Tuning Guide (gunter rig)
2   Link   Hill Head SC Gunter rig tuning guide
Don't know the author, but another Gunter rig guide plus some tips on a single handed setup.
3   Link   Hyde Sails 1990 Mirror Tuning Guide (gunter rig)
4   Link   North Sails One Design Bermuda & Gunter tuning guide
5   Link   P&B Mirror Tuning Guide 2015
The guide available in 2015, seems to combine information from some of the other P&B guides (below). I'm confused by the bit where it says "....First pull a tape to 4m 22 measuring to the top of the goosenecks black band giving datum point..." 4m 22 ? does that mean 4022mm (tried it, looks wrong) ?, or 4220mm or 4202mm (tried 4202mm, it looks OK)? I notice that if I subtract the upper point height (bottom edge of top black band) = 4857mm from the lower point height (top edge of lower black band) = 659mm I get the distance between the bands = 4857 - 659 = 4198mm, so a tape measuring 4200mm at the top of the bottom black band would mean the end of the tape was very slightly above the bottom of the top black band (i.e. hoisted to the top black band). Similarly 4220mm could represent the tape hoisted as high as possible. So 4200mm or 4220mm would be logical, but what is right ?
6   Link   P&B Bermuda rig tuning guide
Written by Ross Kearney, 2005 & 2011 Mirror World Champion
7   Link   P&B Gunter rig tuning guide
8   Link   P&B Gunter rig tuning chart
Gives mast rake and other settings for different wind strengths.
9   Link   Speed Sails Bermuda & Gunter tuning guide

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