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Thanks to Ian Caswell & David Wilson for taking and allowing us to use these photos

On Sunday the weather was light at first, but filled in just in time for the first race at 11:00 am. The start line was pretty even. Henry and Jamie Rastrick had a good start and were being chased by Emma and Faye at the windward mark, followed by a bunch of mirrors all competing to get ahead.

By the final beat Roscoe and Maddie had eased ahead into third with Rachel and Amy not far behind in fourth. The Rastrick boys increased their lead and won the first race despite Emma and Faye’s brilliant efforts to keep up. We all went in for a well-deserved lunch. Then back to racing at 13:30 hrs.
Race two began with a port end biased line. Chris and Katy were first to the windward mark with Sarah and Sandy in hot pursuit. Emma and Faye were battling Henry and Jamie for third in windier conditions. Unfortunately Sarah and Sandy had to do a penalty turn because they hit the leeward mark and got in Emma and Faye’s way. Luckily this didn’t stop them winning the race, closely followed by Chris and Katy in second and Emma and Faye in third. After another short break race three began, it was yet again a port end biased line due to a wind shift. The first beat very shifty because of the hills, so it paid to go right as there was a big lift up the shore. Sarah and Sandy were the first to the windward mark with Chris and Katy chasing them. It was very close between Sarah and Sandy and Chris and Katy, but they didn’t notice Jamie and Ollie had sneaked up beside the yachts and got a well-deserved win after very tactical racing. Chris and Katy in second and Sarah and Sandy in third. Saturdays racing was now complete with Sarah and Sandy and Henry and Jamie joint first on 9 points and Chris and Katy on 10 points.

Monday morning no wind at race time! At 11:00 the postponement flag was raised until the wind filled in at 11:30 the first race started 10 minutes later, yet again the line was port end biased. It was a changed day for Sarah and Sandy who were last over the start line. The Rastrick boys and Chris and Katy got a good start and were leading at the windward mark. Another penalty turn for Sarah and Sandy, Chris and Katy had an unfortunate disaster at the last beat when they were leading, they were hiking and then the wind fell light and Katy fell out the boat, which cost them first place. However Sarah and Sandy who motored through the fleet winning the fourth race with Rachel and Amy not far behind in second place and Chris and Katy came in an impressive third. Everything came down to the last race of the event with only two points separating Sarah and Sandy and Chris and Katy. Chris and Katy got off to a flying start with Sarah and Sandy a bit behind. There was great sailing all through the fleet, everybody showed great skills and tactical sailing with great gains and losses to be made due to the wind shifts. Eventually Chris and Katy won the last race of the day with Sarah and Sandy in second and Rachel and Amy in third. It had been a fantastic event with exciting racing for sailors and spectators. Overall Sarah and Sandy came first with Chris and Katy in second place and Henry and Jamie Rastrick in third. Thanks to Navigators and General for sponsoring the event and everyone who helped with the organisation, we all had an AMAZING time !

The full results are on SailScore.

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