Shavian Mug

A silver cup with two handles and a black plastic rectangular base

The Shavian Mug is awarded to the last boat on points who completed every race at the National Championships.

Here are some photographs of past winners


Year Held by Note
2022 Steve Bland  
2021 Richard & Rosa Holloway  
2019 Milly Tregaskes & Taryn Banks  
2018 Polly Ewart-Smith & Eleanor Thomas  
2017 Alice Bullock & Laura Hantrais  
2016 Emelia House & Polly Ewart-Smith  
2015 Thomas & George Mclaren Incorrectly presented to Lauren Bowdler & Dan Blewett at the Nationals, it was re-presented to Thomas & George Mclaren at the 2015 Looe SC Annual Prizegiving.
2014 Oliver & Hannah Wilson  
2012 Charlie Marsh & Henry Heath  
2002 Patrick & Emma Houlihan  
2001   Not returned, so now awarded to Camilla Brann & Lucy Thompson. Now with Jan Grieg-Gran according to the event report.
1988  M. & R. Sisley  

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