Fox & Hounds Marine Trophy

A conical shape silver cup with one handle on a black plastic base

The Fox & Hounds Marine Trophy is awarded to the winner of race 3 at the National Inland Championship.

Here are some photographs of past winners


Year Held by Note
2019  Andy & Lily Smith Returned to Martin Egan at the 2022 Nationals
2013   Not on the 2013 Nationals trophy list.
2012 Milly & Nick Pugh Awarded at the Nationals, but we don't know why. It may have been in place of a missing trophy, such as the National Westminster Trophy (which was was not photographed with all the others in 2012) , but this is not clear from the 2012 list.
2003 Guy & Joe Wilkins Was not presented at the 2003 Inlands
2002 Niki Birrell  
2001 Lucy Macgregor  
2000 Dave and Jake Gebhard  
1988 John McKeand & Bruce Mills  

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