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A silver cup with two handles on a black plastic base

The Mirror Class Southern Championships Daily Mirror Trophy is awarded to the 1st overall helm at the Southern Area Championship.

A silver cup with a black base with engraved ring

In 2022 Chris Balding kindly provided a new base (the old one having gone missing) & ring and engraved the ring with the missing names from 2013 to 2021.

An engraved silver ring on the base of a trophy

Here are some photos of past winners.


Year Held by Note
2022 Ben & Keira McGrane  
2021 Chris & Adriana Balding Thanks to Chris Balding for supplying a new base and engraved ring
2020   Nigel Thomas will return this trophy to Itchenor SC ready for the Southerns.
2019 Chris & Alex Balding Not returned, so not awarded, in photos they are receiving the Itchenor SC Mirror Open trophy.
2015 Nigel Thomas & Benjamin Bradley  
2014 Angus Hemmings Returned to Nigel Thomas in Aug/Sept 2015. In 2020 Angus told me he didn't have any Mirror trophies.
2013   Should have been awarded to Tom Cosier. In 2020 I asked Tom if it was, but no reply yet.
2012 Sarah & George Richards  
2011 Matt and Ben Lulham-Robinson Trophy awarded according to this report and names are engraved.
2010    Given to Matt Grayson by Sally Pugh prior to June, ready for next presentation, however, there is no engraving for 2010
2009 Tom Lovesey & Milly Pugh  
2008 Emma & Martina Barry  
2007 John & Jamie Clementson  
2003 Craig Bond Contemporaneous record in event website report that it was awarded
2002 Steve Long  
2001 Rob Grieg-Gran  
2000 Tim & Peter Gray  Base is missing in the photo
1999 Howard & Joshua Tear  
1998 Nick Charles & R O’Neill  
1997 David & Josh Gebhard  
1996 Philip Goodwin & Toby Heppell  
1995 Ian & Max Capener  
1994 Ian & Max Capener  
1993 Ian & Max Capener  
1992 Dave & J Gebhard  
1991 Colin Goodman  
1990 Guy & Teresa Wilkins  
1989 Howard Tear & Nick Fuller  
1988 Ian Walker  
1987 Rob Lyne  
1986 Ian Walker  
1985 Guy & Teresa Wilkins  
1984 Dave Sherwin  
1983 Dave Sherwin  
1982 Dave Roe  
1981 Dave Sherwin  
1980 Dave Sherwin  
1979 Dave Derby  
1978 T Smith  
1977 Dave Derby  
1976 P Kayne  
1975 Peter Barnes  
1974 Peter Barnes  
1973 Peter Barnes  
1972 Peter Barnes  
1971 Peter Barnes  
1970 John Taylor  
1969 Roy Partridge  
1968 Roy Partridge  
1967 D Redwood  
1966 R Gibson  
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